The Eyebrows

One of the most important topics in my Automaquillage course are eyebrows.

Have you ever tried to imagine a face without eyebrows or beautiful eye makeup, but with untreated eyebrows?  Everything would be incomplete, a little neglected.

Eyebrows are a fundamental element and can help us to enhance the shape of our face and focus attention on our strengths.

Today I’ll tell you about eyebrows and how to fix them.

The eyebrows are always divided into three basic parts:

The starting point, which can be close or spaced (A);

The angle or point of height (B), that, if spaced apart , widens the upper part of the face, if close together, stretches the face;

The tail, which can be short, medium or long, can lengthen or shorten the face (C );

If the face is too long, the eyebrow height point will be shifted to the outside, creating a horizontal line that shortens the face.

If the face is short, the height point will be raised and positioned towards the centre.

Eyebrows should never be shaved immediately before starting make-up, so as not to have reddened areas.

Hair should always be uprooted in the direction of growth, from the bottom to the top or from the inside, not the other way around.

There are two ways to correct eyebrows.

Filling which consists of colouring the skin where the hair is thinner.

Reconstruction which consists of drawing dashes imitating natural hair (suitable for those who have uneven eyebrows, with alopecia, or for those who have white eyebrows and want to rejuvenate their eyes).