B R O N Z E D  E Y E S 

• Prep the eyelid, making sure it is well powdered all around; this will help you to blend eye shadows better.
Using a wet medium brush , apply antique gold brown eye shadow to the entire eyelid. Wetting the brush will minimise fallout and intensify the gold.
• Overload the inner rim of the eye with an antique gold eye pencil – don’t be afraid to load it up.
Make sure  the pencil you use is not waterproof. Eye pencil used in the inner rim disappears quickly due to blinking, etc., so ensure constant reapplication for a lasting look.
• Using a smaller brush , finely apply a rusty brown eye shadow along the socket line.
If you find this isn’t blending , then go back to the first step and powder well. Intensify the brown shadow in the outer corner of the eye.
•Apply the same gold brown eye colour all the way along the lower lash line .
Apply black mascara and black gel eyeliner.